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What we think about our foundation

About Us

Since 2007, PACHEDO is popular in the delivery of its’ integrated Humanitarian response and Development programs through direct service provision, capacity building, advocacy and research strategies at conflict, disaster affected and poor communities of Africa. Targeting: Marginalized women, children, Youth and other persons exposed to violence and exclusion; the mentally ill, Persons living with HIV & AIDS, Adolescents with reproductive health challenges, unemployed youth, the older persons and persons with disability and refugees in conflict, post conflict and natural disaster affected and poor communities.

Vision, Mission, Objectives
and Core Values

Our Vision

We seek to uplift societies so that all communities enjoy healthy, secure, productive lives and resilient livelihoods.

Our Mision

Saving lives and empowering vulnerable communities to achieve healthy wellbeing, sustainable livelihoods and access social justice. Through crisis risk reduction and humanitarian response, capacity building, advocacy, research and direct service provision.

Our Objectives

  1. To improve the health and nutrition wellbeing of children, women and youth in the disadvantaged communities of Uganda.
  2. To improve community resilience and households’ capacity in food and nutrition security production, entrepreneurship and market access for sustainable livelihoods of the disadvantaged communities of Uganda.
  3. To promote the protection of the rights of vulnerable women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, old persons and other socially excluded persons in the disadvantaged communities.
  4. To improve access to basic and vocational education outcomes of vulnerable children, women and youth in disadvantaged communities.
  5. To empower and strengthen the resilience of disadvantaged communities to prevent, mitigate, adapt and sustainably respond to the impact of climate change and arising disasters and/or humanitarian emergencies. 
  6. To improve access to and use of sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and waste management services in disadvantaged communities.

Our Values

  1. Transparency and accountability – demonstrated in openness, proper documentation and in managing programmes.
  2. Innovation – innovatively programme our activities to meet the needs of the communities that
    contribute to the international and national development goals and donor funds.
  3. Gender equality and diversity –reflected in fairness in all our dealings and provision of equal
    opportunities to all genders and all those affiliated and associated with PACHEDO.
  4. Integrity – legal and ethical integrity in the daily performance of all those delivering PACHEDO goals.
  5. Zero tolerance of corruption –demonstrated through whistle-blowing policy.
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We seek societies where all communities enjoy healthy, secure, productive lives and
resilient livelihoods